Subscription meal plan

The New Luncher is sensitive to your family's needs and your child's school lunch boxes can be totally customised for every single day.
You can set up a monthly meal plan based on your child's schedule and preferences, and then you don't have to touch it again, unless you want to.

  • Flexible, convenient and secure
  • Monthly meal plan based on your child's preferences
  • You can always make changes, add or cancel up to 4 business days before delivery
First step

Customise your Lunchbox

8.50 SGD
Small Lunch Box
Age 4-8
9.50 SGD
Large Lunch Box
Age 9+
2.70 SGD
2.70 SGD

All Prices Inclusive Of GST

second step

Days of the week for Lunchbox delivery

Two to five days per week. You decide!






third step

Flexible subscription plan


Enjoy the flexibility you need, along with the convenience and security of a monthly subscription plan. Choose the perfect school lunch for your child. It takes less than 5 minutes.

Based on your child's preferences, we send you on the 15th of each month, our recommended meal plan for the upcoming month. No need to remind yourself weekly or daily when it's time to order lunch!

You are free to make any changes up to 4 business days before delivery.

The New Luncher is here to accommodate your family's needs!

Fourth step

Sit back and Relax

We believe that fresh home-cooked food brings great joy and boosts brainpower.
New Luncher is here to help you send lunch boxes filled with love and care to your children at school.

The New Luncher delivery truck