We started for them… our children

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Why we got started

As a busy Mom of two, I had a fantasy that I could feed my kids every single day with high quality and freshly-cooked food that does not requires me to wake up every day at 6am to prepare their lunch …

School is the place where we educate our children and I believe that food should be part of their education.

We live in a world where most of what our children eat has been processed to a point where it no longer resembles food and I was presented with the fact that my children, Raphael and Gaspard could have a shorter life expectancy due to what they were consuming. That was the real start of The New Luncher.

What we need as a parent is a well-balanced homemade food that is flavourful and full of nutrients, and can make our children excited when they open it at school. Soul food cooked from fresh ingredients, cultivated and curated from trusted sources in the hands of a team of culinary chefs. This is how we believe we can educate children’s palate and nourish the body and mind of the next generation.

“Good food. Everyday” is now a fulfilled dream.

Catherine Lesselin

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